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A range of articles from Inspired Times Magazine looking at the inspirational work being down around the world by individuals and communities to create a better future for us all. Just click on the images to download the full article as a PDF.


rudi richardson - inspiring individual issue 14

Homelessness has many faces and most of us have seen at least a few. Katrina Slisane tells us of one man, Rudi Richardson, who tirelessly supports those on the streets through his charity Streetlytes. Dignity, compassion and confidence are the cornerstones of this remarkable organisation that is seeking social justice for those in dire need.


communities - issue 14

Since 1991 Red Rose Forest has been making the city of Manchester a much greener and more pleasant place to reside. Engaging the community, the environmental regeneration initiative is spreading the green message around the UK. While Pedal4health promotes cycling regardless of age, encouraging a healthier lifestyle that is kind to the body as well as the environment.


communities - issue 13

Local communities are coming together to inspire local projects. Steph Codsi looks at one project educating the next generation about growing their own vegetables for distribution locally and another which is creating self-sufficient youth projects to showcase local talent.


inspiring tales - issue 13

Inspiring tales from around the world! Mark Vaughan shows us how his mother’s inspiration flows into his abstract, woven, Nepalese rugs. Discover Peace, Love, and Photography with the alphabet around the world, and discover Inspired Times editor, Sharon Henshall’s journey from print to digital with Inspired Times magazine.


jeremy gilley - inspiring individual issue 13

With Peace Day coming up on the 21st September, Cat Ford shines the light on the man behind it, Jeremy Gilley. His passion for changing the world still burns brightly 11 years on.


matt short - inspiring individual issue 12

The spotlight will shine brightly in London this summer; the Olympic games return for the first time in 64 years! In the run up, Craig Smart turns our attention to Matt Short, one of the many inspiring individuals picked to carry the torch this May.


communities - issue 12

Hannah Gardiner looks at the great work being done. She first heads to Scotland where Project Belong helps young people to move away from their keyboard and readdress how they perceive the world. Then she checks out EACH, a charity supporting those suffering from homophobia and transphobia.


inspiring tales - issue 12

Emma Wright finds out about the Two Rivers Steiner Inspired Kindergarten; a valuable alternative education system. While Regan Maloney, a food blogger, tells us about eating something British each day.


Camila Batmanghelidjh - inspiring individual 11

With International Women’s Day in March, Rebecca Day looks at the life of Camila Batmanghelidjh, and marvels at her dedication and commitment to giving children the chance of a better future. She’s a woman who sets an example to us all.


communities - issue 11

Vanessa Hazelton tells us about Westley Farm in Chalford, a farm that not only offers visitors a wide array of enriching experiences but is also an integral part of the local community. Next up is the Low Carbon Trust’s Earthship in Brighton to discover more about its eco-education programmes.


this is for you: this is for me

One girl’s heartbreak leads to a poignant project which helps her transcend her pain and touches others’ lives. Louise Benson James learns more….


richard taylor - inspiring individual issue 10

Amy Jordan follows the remarkable journey of Richard Taylor, after the tragic death of his beloved son, Damilola. Richard was awarded an OBE earlier this year. From his darkest hour, Richard has turned his loss into a plight to help the young people of today, and turn them away from the futility of crime.


satish kumar

From monk-hood to social activator, from ecologist to educator! Sharon Henshall looks at the fascinating life of Satish Kumar, a man with a passion for change.


immaculée llibagiza

With International Women’s Day being celebrated on the 8th March, Fiona Longsdon shines the light on Immaculée llibagiza, a woman who is an example to us all.


desmond tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu was instrumental in overturning apartheid in South Africa, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his inspirational activism, and he continues to campaign against injustice in the world.


thich nhat nanh

One of the world’s most renowned Buddhist Zen Masters. Along with his spiritual teachings, he works tirelessly for human rights, social welfare and peace. Sioned Bannister enlightens us on his journey so far.


caroline lucas

The 2010 General Election saw Caroline Lucas voted into the seats of Parliament as the UK’s first Green MP. Luke Bell takes a look at Caroline’s journey as a politician, activist and devoted Mum.

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