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yoga retreat with Inspired Times' yogini Lila Conway

Clare Wener steps into a yoga retreat with Lila Conway, which nourishes the body and soul while transporting the mind to the Himalayas through harmonious sounds. From beginners to advanced yoga enthusiasts, these retreats cater for all. There is plenty of time to relax, take time out of your daily life and maintain your wellbeing.


sussex has the wowo factor

Tracey Davies shares her experiences of the great outdoors at the Wowo sustainable campsite in Sussex. Eco-friendly living in this getaway means rustic camping in comfort – hot showers, fridges, compost loos and wood burning stoves – in a large canvas home-from-home tucked away beside a stream.


inspiring getaways - issue 12

In search of inspiration, Louise Benson James heads to the sleepy town of Sheepwash in Devon, where her writing can flow in peaceful surroundings. This ‘Writer’s Retreat’ is not a strict course, but a place to convalesce and get away from distractions. There are workshops are available with host Deborah Dooley, cosy log fires and beautiful views.


water ways to travel

Tracey Davies investigates Britain’s waterways, from the Lake District to the bottomless lochs of Scotland – specifically looking at the Thames, Norfolk Broads and the South West - in wooden rowing boats, sail boats, canal boats and yachts. Tracey discusses the relaxing call of the water and travelling through waterways surrounded by beautiful landscapes.


live the high life

Tracey Davies explores the high life with luxury treehouses in autumn. Forest living provides a magical flashback to childhood and a haven in which to relax and hide away. Treehouses are sustainable retreats at the height of fashion and comfort. They cater for romantic getaways, families, eco-friendly enthusiasts and fairytale dreamers.


fun on the farm

Farm retreats can mean organic luxury escapes or back-to-basics living. Tracey Davies reports on boutique camping in Sussex, fully sustainable campsites in Cornwall, off-grid seaside yurts in Wales, a sustainable working croft in Scotland for food-lovers, a bed and breakfast organic farm in the Peak District, and more.


spring fever

Tracey Davies recommends some eco-friendly retreats in the UK that are perfect for spring. From spacious safari tents in the Devonshire woodlands and shepherd’s huts accompanied by farmhouse breakfasts in Shropshire to romantic retreats for two and cosy wagons with wood-burning stoves in Wiltshire. There are quirky, sustainable getaways for all tastes and budgets.


walk on the wild side

Tracey Davies retraces her childhood walks by exploring the South Downs, recently awarded National Park status. The area of outstanding natural beauty stretches from Eastbourne to Winchester and is made for hikes and spring walks along streams and cliff faces. The Foxhole campsite is perfect for serious hikers and The Tiger Inn caters for comfort-seekers.


go mild in the country

Tracey Davies investigates the eco-friendly yurt and tipi campsite in the depths of Suffolk. The Alde Garden is a quiet retreat that offers tranquillity and an antidote to modern life, with traditional wood-burning stoves, handmade four-poster beds and solar-powered fairy lights that line the tents. Eat marshmallows by the campfire or rent a bike to explore further.


staycation vs vacation

Why hop on a plane when you can relax in some of the most beautiful eco-friendly straw-bale cottages and Mongolian yurts in the UK? Leaky tents are a thing of the past. The green travel industry is encouraging Britons to make the most of the incredible locations, sustainable cottages, campsites and organic farms on our soil.


beach melba

Given the environmental cost of flying, and after recent volcanic events affecting air travel, it’s no surprise that a British beach holiday is increasing in popularity. Tracey Davies gives us her pick of the best beaches.


ward off those winter blues

These cold winter days are the perfect opportunity for some self nurturing. Tracey Davies gives us her tips on how to banish the winter blues.

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