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global gold

London 2012 was a special year in the long history of the Olympic and Paralympic games. Celebrating the multiculturalism and diversity of modern-day Britain, the illustrious event has left behind an inspirational legacy that is changing people’s lives. Rebecca Day reflects upon a momentous summer of sports that brought the world together in search of global gold.


social policy, social action

With welfare cuts, funding slashes and controversial Big Society policies, how are our communities are being affected? With Conservative policies failing various sections of society, Cat Ford investigates how social activism is fighting back to retain some form of welfare in the UK.


occupy movement

The international anti-capitalist occupy movement seeks change during the economic crisis, providing a channel for the voices of the people to be heard. Liam Corcoran explores the obstacles facing the movement and speaks to Em Weirdigan- occupier and Occupied Times contributor- to discuss the message, structure and progression of the movement.


top to toe

Rebecca Day examines the ethical fashion movement and how participating in “Swishing” or “Upcycling” can help reduce poverty and create sustainable livelihoods. She highlights the importance of manufacturing-process and environmental impact awareness. With mindfulness and an avoidance of fast-fashion, an ethical wardrobe is achievable for everyone.


woodland burials… a natural end

Dr Hannah Rumble reports on woodland burials as a natural end. Green burials use biodegradable coffins and sites often gained protected status, which contributes to ecological conservation. The minimized visual presence of death coupled with the symbolic renewal of nature, offers comfort and security to mourners.


reclaiming the streets

Rebecca Day reflects on the devastation of the riots and how a resultant uprising in positive community spirit is helping strengthen social bonds and social structure. Riot clean-ups organised through social networks, charity fundraising and community campaigns aimed at raising aspirations of today’s youth are helping to reclaim the streets.


old skool’s out

Amidst the frenzy of impassioned debates on Britain’s ‘disengaged’ youth, and schools increasingly stretched to the limit, just what does an ‘education’ mean to the younger generation? Fiona Longsdon grabs her satchel and gets stuck into the variety of options and opinions connected with today’s schooling in the UK.


green is the new white

Getting married in the morning? Fiona Longsdon looks at ethical options to celebrate both your wedding day and the planet. With a bit of thought and planning, the day of your dreams can be in perfect harmony with the earth. So, let the champagne corks pop and start your married life as you mean to go on!

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